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By robyn12345, Nov 9 2015 01:39PM

Marriage is an unbelievable thing, an act that brings two people together for the rest of their lives and this is why it is important for both to have one last night where they can have fun and enjoy the small amount of freedom they have left.

Hen parties and Stag parties, in recent years have stepped up to a new level because it is no longer all about going on a night out to your local town with your friends, today it is all about travelling to different cities within Europe whilst looking for new experiences. Of course, having your hen or stag party in the UK still means that there is a lot on offer because there are many large cities to explore and all have hidden treasures.

Heading off to Europe brings with it a mixture of excitement and the unknown because everything is done slightly differently on the continent but it does mean that you can take things a little further when it comes to experiences and stag and hen ideas.

It is no longer about having a drink with friends, it is now about finding new levels of excitement where all can participate and things such as strippers is where both men and women can have a lot of fun.

For stags it is about doing something naughty and exciting and it does not come much better than heading to a strip club with some friends for drinks and to watch beautiful women dance and perform for you. Of course, this is the last night of freedom so why shouldn’t the stag be able to spend his last few hours of freedom surrounded by stunning ladies! However, stag parties do not have to head to a strip club to experience this because it is possible to book a stripper to come to a venue of your choice- there are endless possibilities!

Strippers are not just for the men because women can also benefit from everything that a male stripper has to offer and there is no doubt that females love a hot stripper. A hunky guy with chiselled muscles and rugged looks is sure to get women all hot and bothered and these can be booked to arrive at any venue which means that it can be booked as a surprise for the hen or as part of the planned evening events.

The important thing about the last night of freedom is that the stag and hen have fun and have a chance to do something that they may not normally do. A stripper is definitely unique but a stripper is also full of excitement and will certainly get everyone in the mood to party because a stag and hen party has to be an evening that will forever be remembered!

By robyn12345, Sep 9 2015 01:08PM

The Hen party is the opportunity for the bride-to-be to let her down and enjoy her last day and night of freedom as a single woman. It is common for the hen to really make the most of their day and night through a number of different activities but let’s not forget about the traditional hen party experience of a male stripper.

This is one of the most long-standing experiences for a hen party simply because male strippers are sexy, fun and mischievous and a stripper is a still an important part of a hen party. They were once the only choice hens really had but now, when coupled with other activities they still enhance the experience and the fun that a hen has. They really are still the centre of a hen party simply because the bride-to-be wants to experience something hot and cheeky with her closes friends. A male stripper at a hen party is a bit of a given and it is clear to see and understand why. However, these days, hens want more from their party and now strippers are able to offer more so that they can cater to the needs of all hens.

A stripper is a great idea for a hen party because this is all about getting the party right. Over the years the choice of strippers has increased at an incredible rate and they now come with a wider variety of outfits offering a new level of excitement and satisfaction. The bride-to-be still appreciates the lure of a stripper dressed as a fireman and there are many other outfits available such as Tarzan or even James Bond in his sexy evening wear. However, regardless of what the stripper wears the hen will be sure to have the thrill of her life as he performs his routine full of flirtatious moves but don’t forget that he can’t do it alone which is why a stripper is a brilliant idea because it engages the hen and really gets her involved. His cheeky performance will require the hen to get close and personal but that is what a hen party is all about!

Whilst there are other options available such as a kissagram, who does not go as far a stripper, it would not be the same to have a hen party that does not have a stripper that does everything because that is exactly where the fun and thrill is. Why wouldn’t a hen want to see all of the stripper, after all, it is her opportunity to make the most of her time with her friends before her big day!

Whether it is to follow tradition or to do something that you have always wanted to do, hiring a stripper will certainly give your hen party a talking point. When you think of hen parties, a stripper is one of the first things that comes to mind because they are cheeky, fun, sexy and completely naughty!

By guest, Jul 2 2015 03:01PM

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